Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why You Should Translate Your Etsy Shop

rawartletterpress on etsy
The Etsy marketplace is visited by potential customers all over the world- I've had the pleasure of working with customers in Poland, United Kingdom, and even India. Click to see all the places TrashN2Tees has been
Fostering a connection with your buyers is so important, in fact that is why many choose to buy handmade in the first place. Translating your profile, policies, and item descriptions gives the opportunity for meaningful exchanges regardless of the languages that we speak.

Even if none one is searching for your products on Etsy in German (highly unlikely though), guess who is? Google. Translating your shop can multiple your search engine results!

Here's what you need to know: 
  • You can translate your listings by going to Your Shop > Info & Appearance > Languages.
  • There is no additional charge to have a translated version of a listing.  
  • In your listings, you can translate your title, description, and tags.  The Categories and attributes you select for your listing will automatically be translated to show the relevant version to shoppers based on their language preference. 
  • Etsy is available in English and German (with promises of more languages to come!)  
  • You can use free translation tools like  Google translate and Microsoft translator
I've just begun translating my listings, I focused first on my profile and policies. It can certainly be overwhelming to manually translate 100+ listings, and I keep thinking how wonderful it would be for it to automatically translate. Maybe one day right? Etsy in German has been available since September, I'm a little late to the show but I'd like to hear your experiences and your thoughts.

*Update* Google Translate did an 'ok' job converting however I went back to double check and some translations made no sense at all- making me sounds like a super wacko. Ya know more than the usual. Please be sure to double check the translations, or you could always opt to pay a professional. I saw an Artfire listing earlier where a fluent German speaker will translate for you $2/ listing.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I (kinda) survived Regretsy.

My advice: Laugh it off and don't worry about it. The shop has been getting a ton of exposure this week due to two (eeeep!) front page collections featuring TNTees from my great teammates and a rather unflattering source as well. Regretsy! Yep, you read right- someone took time out of their day to recognize my designs... wasn't that sweet?

I had noticed some traffic coming in from the Regretsy forums and was eager to read what caused a buzz, I registered and got to the thread to find someone poking fun at my ornaments. My feelings were hurt at first, sure, but as I read along some people popped in saying they actually liked my items. (whew!) I stewed around on it a little while and decided to just let the thread rest- the people who were picking fun at my shop and its items had obviously not taken the time to find out what TrashN2Tees is all about. Their loss. The thread wasn't very active but a few days later (yesterday) I noticed some more activity- this time the their negativity was hovering over the orange/black tshirt shard earrings that were featured in a different front page treasury.

Critiques and criticism in any form can be tough to swallow, but I promise there is always something you can learn from it. This is only a mere run in with Regretsy, unfortunately it was only in the forums. (ha!) I would've really loved the benefit of some backlinks to a site with a score of 5 on Pagerank! However I do want to extend a warm thanks for the 105 views you sent my way!

Just in case you find yourself on Regretsy too, here is A Guide to Surviving Regretsy.  I can't write this post without taking the time to thank my friends on The Treasury Tree team for their encouragement and support and Jen at Babee Crafts for writing this amazing blog post that really captures what Trashn2Tees is really about.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Over 50 (Free) Links to Promote Your Biz

When I have a few moments of free time, I like to peek in on the forums over on Etsy (You can find a ton of useful information there!) Rhody had started a resourceful thread full of Free Advertising links and which reminded me about the WAHM Resources thread I had started over on CDN. I pulled up the dusty thread and smooshed the lists together, giving you 60 links to promote your biz! (you can add venues such as your shop, blog, website etc.) ( you can submit one item of yours every 24 hrs) (You make boards, like treasuries. People like and re-pin items. You name the boards anything you like) (Read help link below. Worth joining) (you make lens about a subject, like your shop etc. Ads are put there and you get paid when someone clicks on as ad. ( you can tweet an item from your shop right on your item page. Do it all day) (advertise your shop and items) (Does not accept anything from Etsy but submit your blog, which has your shop name in it) (go to classified ads for sale and then to crafts) (Go to submit a site and add your shop to the free bronze listing) (list an item of yours anytime you want) (I get lots of views from here) (Submit your favorite listing) (Join and add items from your Etsy shop or website. People can follow you and you follow them) (Join and add items from your shop. People can follow you and you can follow them) (have to sign in thru facebook) (Join and put your site on there) (Where it says Submit Artist Listing, put your shop in) (Go to the bottom where it says submit a site and put your shop or website in) (for crocheters or knitters) (Sign in using Facebook. Shows your items from your shop) (UK & Australia) (Post an ad for your shop) ( this lets you put your shop on facebook but you have to go thru them. Read carefully) (This site is focused on marketing to men) (search engine)

Now we have more from ValValVoom, (Etsy tools) (List your items from your shop or website) (Put your Etsy items on) (Put Etsy items on) (Tools to put Etsy treasuries on your blog, website) (List your Etsy shop for free!) (Etsy tools) (Sell your items here) (Sell your items) (Place an ad for your shop) (Track your links) (Post your own fashion looks) (Tools for Etsy) (Submit a link) (Upload a video about your shop. If you have Windows Movie Maker its very easy) (Put your info in about you and your shop) (Tools for your Blog)

From Clairesparklesbridal (Like Facebook only better I think. Going to be the next Facebook) (Put info in about your shop)
______________________________________________________________________ (free online marke tplace to sell on) (free online market place to sell on) (free online market place to sell on) (can sell any fashion items including clothing, accessories, beauty & cosmetic products, and footwear)

From TNTees (hey thats me!!) (links only to your shop, but can advertise single items) (may ways to promote - ads, forum, blogs, photos, and/or site) (link to shop and update with new listings)
www.kijiji (Canada only) (US only) (can be your shop and/or individual items. Also has banner exchange and artist of the month. I was selected!) (US only) (great use for your Etsy feed - shows a photo, title and description of your first 10 listings. Adds you to their directory and lets others post your feed on their site easily.)

The following list of websites can be used to promote your blogs or other websites you run and host yourself. Most require you add a reciprocal link and users can’t add external code to their Etsy sites so they won’t work here. (Canadian based) (for anyone) (exchange banners or run your own) (for Australians)

Got one to add? Be sure to comment and let me know- I'm always looking for bootstrap ways to advertise Trashn2Tees, if you have an interesting tactic or venue you'd like to share I'm all ears! Thanks again to all of the great people on the Etsy forums who helped Rhody compile the list- For more information about the importance of backlinks for your business/blog read

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Garland Pumpkins and Apples Tutorial

Toilet Paper Rolls
Red and Orange Paint
Glue (I used a hot glue gun)

 1. Measure and mark your toilet paper tubes in even increments (I did 1/2 inch)

 2. Cut. 

 3. Cut some in half. *For every apple/pumpkin you're making you will need 2 halves- the 1/2s are on the top and bottom to hold the apple/pumpkin together.

4. It was easier for me to group the tubes up into groups of 3 for apples and 4 for pumpkins- then I went back and added 2  half cuts to complete each set and then got to painting. 

5. Once dry,
 glue tubes together. The 1/2 cuts will then be glued across the bottom of the set. (Fold snippet of unpainted tube and glue to top as stem) 

6. String up and decorate!

My oldest dude and I made this garland and it took about an hour and 1/2 total - the orange paint was dry by the time we finished painting our red apples- so we were able to move along with the glue. The garland we made has 3 apples and 3 pumpkins and spans over 3 foot long- I used 2 toilet paper rolls and 1 paper towel roll for this project. We have a lot of crafty fun here in my house and once the weather gets cold I know the boys will be more interested- do you craft along with your kids? Do you have a favorite family craft, please share!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eek! I've been zombified! Fresh Off the Scissors

I wanted to have a little fun before the Halloween holiday, most times you won't see me creating very many holiday theme tees (unless they're custom orders of course!) That is because I want your TrashN2Tees to be worn more than once or twice a year- I hope that they're lived in, heck sleep in it! Slop spagettios and spill wine, play in the mud- that is what you do with your favorite tee afterall! I figured zombie hands could be considered appropriate for year round wearage! The applique is sewn on to a distressed XL Gap tee-

The holiday shopping season seems to have already begun here at TrashN2Tees, and my custom order spots are filling up fast- Last night I had to push back our delivery completion time frame to 5 weeks! That is partially to do to the fact that I'll be out of the studio for a complete week (Oct 14) Whose bright idea was it to vacation in the middle of shopping season??

Fresh off the Scissors:
So now I'm interested, what is your favorite tee? Does it have special meaning to you, if so- why?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

TrashN2Tees Media Release

2011Holiday Media Release

Give Gifts That Do Good From TrashN2Tees FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GEORGETOWN, KY — August 2, 2011 — Give “good” gifts a new meaning this holiday season with earth-friendly, stylish items perfect for anyone on your list from TrashN2Tees. Every item is handmade using 100% reclaimed materials and offers a sustainable and affordable alternative to mass-market “mall” presents for a truly one-of-a-kind gift giving experience you can feel good about.
“Giving gifts from TrashN2Tees goes so far beyond giving a quality, handmade product to someone you love,” said Jenelle Montilone, fabric artist and owner of TrashN2Tees, where she offers tutorials and tips to inspire everyone to consume less and recycle more. “I’m creating and designing original items using “trash”, so that discarded clothing and textiles can find a new, useful life outside of a landfill.”
TrashN2Tees has something for everyone on your list, from custom clothing and funky jewelry, to produce and messenger bags, as well as perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffers such as men’s shirt cuff wallets. Here are a few of the items we will be featuring this holiday season:

Custom upcycled monster t-shirt

Monster tshirts are a custom order listing offered by TrashN2Tees, each design original and made using reclaimed materials. Available in sizes all sizes and perfect for itty bitty babies to little old ladies!  Every monster has its own personality and can be kooky, creepy, scary, or jolly!
Reusable Produce Bags

$7.50 for a set of 2
These reusable and recycled produce bags are a durable, machine washable, and sustainable alternative to plastic bags for grocery shopping or a trip to the local farmers market. The bags are made using reclaimed t-shirts and are extremely durable, yet gentle on delicate produce with holes just right for providing the necessary air circulation for all your fruits and vegetables. TrashN2Tees reusable produce bags were recently featured on Etsy front page as part of the Loosen Your Tie, Man treasury.

T-Shirt Shard Hoop Earrings

Ruby red upcycled t-shirt shards placed on 25mm silver coated hoops are light weight and made using reclaimed materials on new hoops. These are a perfect compliment to so many outfits, and an excellent conversation starter! Snippets and scraps are whats left behind after I wreck havoc on t-shirts, but instead of throwing them out, I save them for fun, special projects like this.

“I hope that by raising awareness about clothing and textile recycling I can encourage you to really rethink what is going out in the trash ,” said Montilone. “These are gifts that do good far beyond the initial purchase by making a choice that protects the environment and also helps to support so many other great causes.”
TrashN2Tees also offers a TrashN2Cash Clothing Recycling Program to collect clothing to be upcycled and ensures still usable items that are collected are passed on to those in need by supporting Dress for Success, The Goodwill Industries of KY, and local shelters. Through her creative work, Montilone has had the privilege to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation as well as the March of Dimes. Recently, she sent bracelets to orphans in Russia in honor of her Facebook fans through Craft Hope.
Like what you see, but want something with a specific theme or color? In addition to a wide variety of in-stock items, TrashN2Tees is always open to custom orders for a truly one-of-a-kind gift made just the way you want. For a behind-the-scenes look at the handmade recycling t-shirt mania at TrashN2Tees visit Additional designs available at the TrashN2Tees on Flickr.
For more information, please contact me:


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