Friday, November 18, 2011

Au Natural Wooden Blocks Tutorial: DIY Gifts

As a mom of rugged little boys who would prefer to spend their days outside rolling in the mud (literally) I have seen countless amounts of broken action figures, monster truck mishaps... well lets just call it mass market toy carnage. I love to find eco friendly gifts (especially when they're handmade) they are versatile and can withstand the hours of the imaginative play. I found this tutorial from Life on Willowdale that inspired my own blocks. It's pretty simple but there are a few tricks you might find useful.

First pick out your wood.We had a few trees down from early spring storms- I wrangled up a limb or two and trekked back to the house where I then used some of my hubbys power tools to slice and dice the branches into various shapes and sizes. Tips I picked up from Amy's tutorial include:
  • baking cut blocks at 200 degrees for 1 hour to kill any buggers 
  • bees wax + olive oil finish 
 1 ounce beeswax + 4 ounce olive oil melt together on stove in double boiler- let cool to touch and rub on blocks! Easy peasy right?

I've seen these blocks hauled down the side walk on the back of a John Deere tractor and set up to protect the Playmobile Pirates. It doesn't matter whether your 2 or 6 or 32 the best part of playing with blocks is knocking them down, wouldn't you agree? For more great handmade gift ideas be sure to check out my Handmade Holidays Handpicked Gift Guide  you'll also find the ready to ship natural wooden blocks I featured in the boys edition from MonkeysOnTheRoof
Available now @ MonkeysOnTheRoof

Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide: For the Girls

I don't often get the chance to shop for girls- I had a blast though scouring the handmade world for fruity and frilly finds... who am I kidding? I can't do frilly! 8 handmade gifts that I would actually give and love to receive! You can check out the Gift Guide for Boys here and you can always check out my favorite items on etsy or follow along on pinterest.

1. Toddler Fox Dress from wildthingsdresses 2. Wood Toy Sewing Machine from SSWOODCRAFT
3. Felt Pinwheel Clip from OrdinaryMommy 4. DIY Wooden Doll Kit from goosegreaseundone 5. Gingerbread Christmas Cookies from applenamos 6. Mermaid Waldorf Doll from Bright Life Toys 7. Typography Playroom Art from Wallfry 8. Ribbon Bracelet from DaisyChains

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide: For the Boys

Welcome to my first Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide- I'll be posting a few themed gift guides through the holiday chock full of my favorite shops and items- all things I would actually give or love to receive! First up gifts for the boys- 1. Wooden Catapult Toy from WoodToyShop 2. Squishy Cups from Rising Sun Earthworks 3. Old School Nature Blocks from MonkeysOnTheRoof 4. Set of 2 Rocky The Zombie Pirate Tees from rockythezombie 5. Knitted Giraffe Hat Pattern from ROFLhatfactory 6. Pedal Pushers Bison Booties from bisongirl 7. Aaron the Holiday Stag from Milk Noir Toys 
8. Boys Pants Pattern from  FuddieDuddies 
My boys in their very own Rocky The Zombie tees!

Lovin' the natural blocks? My DIY tutorial is coming this week and you can make your own!  What other fun items did you find from these great shops?
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrate America Recycles Day

I spent some time today in the land of Twitter promoting and connecting with others to celebrate America Recycles Day! You can join along or catch up later- follow #americarecyclesday

Some of my favorite tweets today: 

@moffitthvac Who knew? "A new aluminum can be back on the store shelf in as few as 60 days." Thinking Green for #AmericaRecyclesDay

@mpbaldauf Recycling a single run of the Sunday New York Times would save 75,000 trees. Recycle! #americarecyclesday

@EPAresearch: Did u know (on average) each person in US generates 3.4 pounds of waste a day! #AmericaRecyclesDay Recycling info:

@MotherNatureNet: 6 works of art made from recycled 'trash'

How did you celebrate America Recycles Day? Late edition edit- I am so excited to share this fabulous Etsy gift guide too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Halogen TV: Unique Gifts under $50

Hot off the press, HalogenTV just published 7 Unique Gifts Under $50
written by Rachelle Nones- Be sure to read the complete article that features great eco friendly gifts including a (FREE!) virtual gifting app from SWAGG, an awesome recycled wine bottle growing kit, and oh did I mention... TrashN2Tees jean bit earrings!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh the places I've been- sometimes more than 2x

View Oh the places TNT's Been in a larger map

One of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was a map that pin pointed all the places that TrashN2Tees has been delivered- it's so awesome to look at the hundreds of places around the world that my little handmade biz has been. Though the list isn't exactly complete (I'm still going through my records to pin orders from last year) For me it is very humbling to think that people everywhere are being inspired to consume less and recycle more because of any of my recycled products! If you've make a purchase from and don't see you town/area pinned please feel free to convo me or leave a message here with your zip code. If you'd like to be pinned on my map- its simple. Pins are free with any purchase!! Allow me to take a moment here to thank everyone who supports Trashn2Tees through a purchase, tweets, a blog feature, facebook share, or even a simple "like"- together we are sharing the importance of recycling and reusing items to help keep the Earth beautiful. 

Oh! Don't forget America Recycles Day is November 15th- be sure to check out some great tutorials and tips I'll be tweeting throughout the day to celebrate!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Call To Action: Trashn2Tees Handmade Holiday Handpicked Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is here, and I love to buy handmade! I will be featuring some of my favorite craftepenuers and discovering new shops right here all month long with the TrashN2Tees Handmade Holiday- Hanpicked Gift Guide. If you have a crafty business that you'd like to submit to be featured please contact me at and include your link, a short description of your shop, and what buying handmade means to you! I'll be compiling a list of my favorite shops and sharing some of their items through out November and December via the blog, facebook, and on twitter!

*No obligation to participate in a giveaway or contribute to the blog (of course you're welcome to do so though) 


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