Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest on #OMHG Twitter Chat

There are a few handmade communities I really enjoy being a part of. Oh My Handmade Goodness is certainly one of them. Each Thursday between 1-2pm EST creative genius come together and talk about juicy crafty biz topics. (No invitation needed- just follow #omhg on Twitter) I'll be joining the chat today as a guest while we discuss collaborations and the possibility of starting up a #OMHG Etsy Team!

TrashN2Tees Collaboration with RedandMain
As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of collaborations.  I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a few talented artists who create in a variety of different medias. I really enjoy the challenge and fellowship of collaborations and wanted to share the all of the great benefits to boot.
  • more exposure and cross promotion: whether your collaborating with someone who has the same target market or not- by working together and cross promoting your getting your product and brand out there to new faces (and potential customers)
  • building relationships: I've been fortunate enough to build some strong personal friendships as a result of some of different collective efforts, these are people whom I go to for support and suggestions. 
  • challenge yourself: exchanging ideas, concepts, designs with someone else can help get you out of "design block" inspire your current project but I also think that you can learn a lot about your self and continue to grow as an artist.
  • networking: this kind of goes hand and hand with exposure and relationships- but you'll find that other people who admire your work may approach you about collaborating on a future project 
  • learn something: I'm a lover of all things handmade, and I am extremely curious and interested in the processes of others designs- collabs are a great way for you to learn the ins and outs of other arts.

trashn2tees/heartland dreams collab
Join us today for the #omhg twitter chat or just stop by the Oh My Handmade Goodness blog and read my guest post, Go Team Go! OMHG Teaming up on Etsy? Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think about artistic collaborations or share any experiences with Etsy teams- I always love hearing from you!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every Crafter Should Know

Today, I had enough. My cutting mat is covered in little felted clusters of tshirt... dust bunnies. Last time this happened I just flipped my mat over! I figured I would share my little gem on knowledge (after I figured it out what worked best myself)

 Yeah, its gross. Not to mention the fuzzies want to cling on to everything... as if I don't have enough problems dragging snippets of thread all through my house? This mat mess got me wondering: What is the best way to clean your fabric cutting mat? suggests using a generous amount of room temperature water and a few drops of mild detergent. Use a soft, mild bristle brush such as a toothbrush or mushroom brush to create a lather and gently clean your mat. Rinse with room temperature water and wipe dry with a cotton towel.

So I'm either lazy or just impatient. I don't really want to lug my big mat to the bathroom for a wash down... even though I'm sure it would work. Instead I followed up on another tip I found. Ready for it?
Use your quilting gloves and rub over your cutting mat with circular motions to ball up the debris on your mat. Quick and easy and within arms reach of my work space too! 

Do you have this problem too? If you have any craft room clean up tips, please pleeeease share them!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New News, Newsletter!

Card from Cool Jane
 It's been a long time coming, but finally- I have (mostly) ironed out the foundations for the TrashN2Tees newsletter which will be called The TrashN2Tees Briefs! Ahh yes, I hope it made you giggle a little too. The bi-weekly newsletter will be delivered right to your inbox (if you opt in) and I promise, cross my heart, pinky swear that I will not ever give out your email address or clog your inbox with self promoting spam.

What you will get is 1.) Awesome content full of eco friendly ideas 2.) Cool news & happenings 3.) A little bit of TNT Goodness

If you have an idea you'd like to see featured in The Trashn2Tees Briefs, I'd love to hear it. Are you looking to discover fun and unique Etsy shops? Peek in on my Pinterests? Get special codes and coupons for the shop? I can totally do that. Let me know what YOU want to see.


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