Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Your Street Creds & Your Handmade Business

Just a few weeks ago my first post was published on the amazing creative community site, Oh My Handmade Goodness. I share 23 tips to get you fist pounding, popping your collar, and earning street credibility for your business. Linking up to genius insight from the likes of Mayi Carles, Alexandra Frazen, and Miss Modish (just to name a few) Just drop by or stick around & join the posse. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brainstorms- Get your wine & meet me in the basement.

It seems as though things are constantly evolving around here, and I was beginning to feel like the shop was getting stale. Most of last week was spent prototyping some new designs, writing up tutorials, and making plans for the app action.
New Style Tshirt Earrings- Not yet available
Tomorrow we're trekking back North to New Jersey- visiting familia, saying goodbye to our dear Bootsie, eating THE BEST pizza ever and popping the top to a Yuengling with old friends. MMmmm pizzzza. Before I leave I wanted to properly introduce you to a new custom order that is now available. You're childs artwork---> on a tee.

While your here, if you happen to spot a clever + huggable app design/deveoper to breathe life into revolutionaryly-epic & world changing project please send them my way. Nerd glasses optional. I'm also still looking for someone to design/host a pledge page for my international <Create Change.> event in November.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The blog post that changed my life.

FlourishCafe Etsy
I've been really reflecting on my story, or more specifically the TrashN2Tees story. With the new adventures- many people are interested in how it all got started. When I tell the story I tend start at the point where I broke out the dusty sewing machine and made the first ever monster truck tee from outgrown clothing for Sam.

Truely though, I think my it may have sparked when I wrote my very first blog post. My personal blogging venture was short lived, but you can still find it all here (a few broken image links included) at ecoMOMics.

Look at me, and my very first blog post!

I suppose I should start by saying thank you- thanks for taking the time to read up on whatever it is I have to share. Also thanks to you out there who also hope to make a difference in the world- I am not just talking about recycling and our environment (as important as it is!) I'm shouting out to those parents and families (both birth and adopted), friends, teachers, crime fighters, doctors, fire fighters, volunteers, politicians (certainly I have to believe there's at least a few good apples out there)
You dont have to fly to an orphanage in Uruguay and drill a well for this thank you, but heck yeah if you did! Even if you dont know it, you could possibly be making a small difference sitting right where you are- by being you.

My point is, you can be making a difference and not even notice. Being green doesn't have to be expensive, disruptive, or difficult. Today I want to share a few small changes that we've made around the house, and you can too.
I spent time late last night reading my old stomping ground, it didn't take long- there are a total of 11 posts with just as many followers. You get some candid shots of myself and the boys covered in mud, some beautiful quotes, and in the moment posts about my first days of having a WAHM business. Refreshing and humbling to realize that the roots of my business are grounded right there. You find posts at ecoMOMics about making a difference by just being yourself, mucho thanks, getting creative and then a few days later I confess,
 "Somewhere along this life adventure, I think I lost touch with my creative outlets. Slowly, piece by piece, I feel like I am rediscovering small parts of myself that might have been overcast by the daily chaos of mommyhood. Picking up photography must have been the beginning." 
The same things I still blog about today. Take some time & see for yourself, let me know if you think I choose the right biz name too- re: post July 31, 2010.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

As seen in: Lifestyle + Charity Magazine

L+C Magazine: Summer Issue 2012 

Lifestyle + Charity Magazine promotes “philanthropic” lifestyles and experiences through inspired beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, travel, and events. 

TrashN2Tees BMX Womans Tee can be seen featured in Weekend Goodies on page 78

Monday, June 4, 2012

My To Do List

Happy first week of June (can not believe it!) Sam has been out of school for almost 2 weeks now... and we've settled in to a rhythm of pj's and pbjs. Feeling dire need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE more, but at the moment we're family operating on uno automobile. Total bummer. I posted on facebook about our boring lunches, packing them up for a magical farm picnic only works so many times- and a few you shared your favorite summer lunches with me. Keep'm coming. Today we had ham spring rolls + apples, it was a hit.

Busy & exciting to do's this week. I'm pumped to be a part of (a sold out!) Erin Giles Rocket Your Revolution BETA program. A four week group coaching program that teaches you how to create and launch your revolution, build philanthropy into your business model, and CHANGE the world. Perfect fit for me, eh?

TrashN2Tees is guesting at Universal Mama on Hyena Cart- which is a collective of artisans. Tonight (Monday, 6/04) "Let Freedom Ring" stocking goes live at 10pm EST. 

Over at Oh My! we are exploring communities & what they are, how you build them. I'll be co-hosting the twitter chat on Thursday from 1-2pm  EST. New to the whole #chatting thing? #omhg chats have become a weekly ritual for many creatives in our community. Each week 20-50+ small business owners connect to share ideas, stories and support each other in real time.

Just moments ago I sealed the deal to work with a professional logo designer. Feels wonderful to say, "so long DIY+Control issues you & I are over!" I've been stuck in this box- this idea that having someone else design my logo/site/anything it wont get done right, because they don't care about my brand like I do. Factor in the additional $$$- I continued to do it myself, less expensive but not easier.  Amy helped me realize that I'm not giving up control by hiring someone to do it for me. ^revelation^ outsource the crap your 'okay' at to those who do it best, leaving you with more time to do what you do best. only took 3 years to learn that. (Thanks Amy!)

Once we nail down a color scheme I'll be scouring the corners of the webbernet & collaborating with Marisa from Omiyage on new packaging. Throw in sewing down some foodie tees, including a textured burger tee (one of my favorites) this week is looking busy on paper. I need to start Preparation H, but its so hard to think about the holidays in June.

So dish- what is your week looking like and what's for lunch?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips to biz-rock it, for the interviewee.


It's always a pleasure to be asked for a guest post or interview. I've done a few now but I can remember how completely intimidated & unworthy it felt the first time. It was a feature for the local newspaper I'm pretty sure I didn't even discuss accomplishments, goals, or do much more than tell a simple story about how TrashN2Tees got started. 

Blog interviews are a great way to raise your level of authority, reach potential costumers, network, and gain street cred. An epic interview could possibly lead to other growth opportunities for you and your brand!

The next time someone wants to share their web pad & interview you, here are a few tips for chi.
  1. Get familiar with the audience. 
  2. Practice your elevator message- don't have one: get one. 
  3. Know your shiz. If they ask a question & you don't have a response say so. (Most often the interviewer will discuss what questions are being asked before hand- or if you are conducting your interview via email you can craft up a witty response)
  4. Promote yourself, but don't exaggerate. People can't argue the facts. (thank you Alex for driving that into my skull) 
  5. Share a meaty CBO. Challenge-Behavior-Outcome, a story or event that readers/listeners can connect with.
  6. Show enthusiasm and self confidence in your body language and tone of voice (even if they can't see you!) 
  7. Be yourself! 
You can find my most recent interview with A&PTeam from Etsy here

Have some interviewee tips to share? Post a comment below!  I'll be tweeting them from @TrashN2Tees.


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