Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

It was a huge honor over the summer to learn that TrashN2Tees was named a finalists in the NYER Small Business Award for Best Green Practice. Are you wondering what that means exactly? NYER's Small Business Awards is the annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of the 500,000+ small businesses throughout the tri-state area. The Small Business Awards recognized 5 small businesses for their best practices and 3 businesses under the best of the year categories. 

When I saw the list of nominees and the high caliber of talent who would be attending I'll admit to being a little intimidated. Here I am- in this arena of inspiring (possibly cut throat) innovating entrepreneurs and corporations all dressed in black suits. What was left to do? I put on my red dress and headed to the Hilton in Manhattan last week for this swanky gala event.

Fancy right? 

It was a huge honor to be recognized (and win a sparkly award!!) for the hard work and positive impact that I create through TrashN2Tees products, partnerships, and initiatives. None of it would be possible without your support.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spider Bracelet Tutorial

The rainbow loom bracelet craze has taken over here in the TN2T household, in fact- Sam even started up his own business selling bracelets. I shared a snapshot of his spooky booth and success yesterday with my followers on Facebook. He even had a smart advice to for budding entrepreneurs. Which brings me back to these upcycled tshirt bracelets. It's hard to imagine that this little twist to the braided bracelet was one of my first tshirt reuse projects. I hope you'll make a few for (and with!) the little goblins and monsters in your life!

Materials Needed:
scrap tshirts
scissors and/or rotary cutter
red embroidery thread or red fabric paint

1. Start by cutting your tshirts into strips approximately 10" x 1". You'll also need one black strip 2.5" x 6

2. Braid strips together. Tip: Use a large safety pin to hold strands together and pin to chair back, shoe, or other surface. 

3. Measure around wrist and knot tie. Trim back the colored strands (green/orange) and grab your black short fat strip.

4. Wrap the SFB strip around the top of knot and tie.

5. Cut SFB strip to desired spider leg size. Then cut the SFB stip in half stopping slightly before the knot.

6. Finish off the spider by adding creepy eyes- using a needle and red floss you can embroider eyes or red fabric 'puffy' paint also works great.

If you like this, you might be interested in following the Ultimate Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial List and you'll find even creative tshirt reuse projects like the Teekini Tankini, free applique templates, and the Lettuce Shrug right here on the TrashN2Tees Blog.


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